Hello and welcome. This blog is a place where I get to put to words the experiences, thoughts, and feelings I have about all things outdoors. Hunting, fishing, shooting, boating, and camping are all things I love to do and write about. I guess I’m also a closet naturalist, as I find myself more and more frequently consumed with the comings and goings of wildlife of all sorts. I’m working on honing my photography skills of late, and hope to share some decent photos of the things I see along the way.

This blog will at times be a family affair, which makes sense since pretty much all of my experiences in the outdoors have been with family. They are intertwined, which is special on so many levels. My sister (the real photographer) will be be providing excellent images periodically, as well as my son. A good friend of mine will likely be a regular contributor on all things camping, as that is his calling.

The picture on this blog (also my sister’s) is from the property my family leases, and we have enjoyed many years of hunting, shooting and general outdoor fun on this piece of mountain country in a delightfully remote part of West Virginia. Old logging roads have a special place in my heart, as they have always provided a great way to access the woods, with quiet stalking along with 4-wheeler access being important things to a hunter. Just over every rise is another story to tell, and after years of plugging them into tattered notebooks, I thought it might be worthwhile to share them here. This blog is actually kind of a companion to a website the is near and dear to my heart, OldLoggingRoad.com. It is a place to permanently store info about your treasured outdoor memories, and I highly recommend you check it out.

I hope you enjoy walking ‘in my footsteps’. May God bless you as He has me, and may we all stand for things that are right in the Land of the Free.

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